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About Another Way

We are a breath of fresh air to the private server stage!

WoW veteran players are mostly grown up adults, they lack time to play and stay competitive. If that’s you, then Another Way is your way to go. Increased rates will allow you to experience old WoW once again without investing way too much time on things that you have done a couple dozen times before like leveling or grinding. An Another Way of nostalgic feeling!

Another Way is a project centered around the community and it’s needs. We are the first project to feature Blizzlike quality, lagless connection, attention to details along with High Rates. You can count on us to deliver the Another Way of WoW gameplay!

High Rate experience for you!

Another Way core features

Item 1

Detailed Blizzlike Quality Stable Emulator

Our main goal is showing the game exactly as it was then, paired with high rates.

Item 1

Feel nostalgia once again Post-leveling gameplay

We would like you to experience legacy WoW once again and reduce the grind to minimum.

Item 3

Professional team Check us

We pay much attention to the community needs and making sure that we are prepared for all your needs.

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