Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Another Way?

The basic idea standing behind Another Way is to provide Detailed Blizzlike Quality put together with High Rates for every player around the World – the Realm is international with English as a main language for obvious reasons.

Q: What are the rates of the Realms?

Every Realm has all rates x9. It means drop chance, honor, professions, reputation – everything.

Q: Does it mean I will get x9 more items from everything?

No, because the drop amount is still x1 but World drops will drop a lot more frequently because of x9 drop chance.

Q: Will Bosses drop x9 as well?

No, the Boss loot will be x1 and that includes Shadowfrost Shards and Fragments of Val’anyr.  

Q: If everything is x9, do we get nine times more arena points upon flush?

No, instead we introduced a system that will promote frequent play, namely the arenas will be flushed three times a week – every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 10:00 AM CET (3:00 AM CST) however the amount of points you receive will be reduced by:

x1.5 for 2v2

x1.5 for 3v3

x1.5 for 5v5

Q: Will all instances be available upon release?

No, the Realm will release content in progressive, yet fast manner.

Q: Is there any content progression table?

Our content progression is somewhat unusual because it is adjusted to our community. It means the time of the next step in the content progression will be directly bound to the players finishing the previous content – getting Realm Firsts. The current plan is:

  • Patch 3.1.0 “Secrets of Ulduar” content – 40 days after attaining all 3.0.1 content Realm Firsts.

  • Patch 3.2.0 “Call of the Crusade” content – 60 days after attaining all 3.1.0 content Realm Firsts.

  • Patch 3.3.0 “Fall of the Lich King” content - 60 days after attaining all 3.2.0 content Realm Firsts.

  • Patch 3.3.5 “Defending the Ruby Sanctum”content – 30 days after attaining all 3.3.0 content Realm Firsts.

Please note that these numbers aren’t set in stone and might go through minor tweaks.

Q: Will there be any custom content on the server?

No, we aim to deliver detailed Blizzlike quality so there will be no custom content. However due to high rates of the server we will provide some conveniences, like:

  • Portals to every other Capital City in every Capital City.

  • An option to skip Class Quests.

  • Cooldown Reset for Dueling purposes. (this feature will be enabled only in Elwynn Forest, Durotar and Dalaran dueling zone)

  • An option to skip Death Knight starting Quest Chain.

  • Website powered Auction House.

Q: How will skipping Death Knight Chain work?

After you decide to skip the Death Knight starting zone, you will receive spells, talent points and mount which you would normally get.  However, you will not be given any levels nor items except for the weapon [Runed SoulbladeITEM_ID=38707. Moreover, the Flight Points will be free for you as long as you are level 55, to allow traveling beyond Death Knight starting zone.

Q: Will the instances be boosted?

No, we aim for Detailed Blizzlike Quality so any kind of custom tweaks are out of question. However, the content will be released in pre-nerf state, this means that before 3.3 content, Ulduar will be pre-nerf and after the 3.3 kicks in it will be post-nerf etc. It basically mimics the retail progression.

Q: Where can I find server rules?

Here Project Rules.

Q: What time will daily quests and dungeons reset?

They will reset every day at 10:00 AM CET. (3:00 AM CST)

Q: How will raid resets be handled?

The raids will reset once a week – on Thursday at 10:00 AM CET (3:00 AM CST), however there will be an option that you may use once a week to reset your ID – it will only become available once the last boss on given raid has been slain.

Q: Will there be any P2W on Another Way?

Definitely not! You will not be able to attain any end game epics or custom items for real money. Vanity items along with some boosts like instant 80 will be as far as we go. Also, these will only be available after character/profession Realm Firsts are scored.

Q: If we get instant 80 will the character be naked then?

No, you will get a starting gear however all the items will be level 79 or below, with the quality up to rare (blue).

Q: Will there be a RAF system?

No we believe it to be disposable as the server is using high rates anyway.

Q: Is there Anti-Cheat System on the server?

Yes, the server is using three-layer custom Anti-Cheat System.

Q: Will player accounts be protected against hackers?

Yes, we are going to provide our own Two-Factor Authentication system to help the players with their account security.

Q: What are Avalon Server specs?

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X 16 Core



Gbit/s connection

Q: Is project protected against DDoS?

Yes, we are using leading hosting services with high quality protection against such attacks. Moreover, we have our own Firewall System handled by IPtables Rules to mitigate the severity of such attacks.

Q: Is it possible to lose our characters on Avalon?

Definitely not, the database that stores the character data has automatic backup system, there is no possibility of data loss. Your characters are safe with us!

Q: I just logged out and cannot log back in, what happened?

No need to worry, it is an intended behavior. Our emulator does not allow to log in before the character actually “disappears” from the Realm. If you are getting “login failed” message, this means you are not completely logged out yet and you need to wait up to one minute. It is necessary for your security as well as protecting the server against various exploits.

Q: I’ve tried to log in but the screen is stuck on “updating”, is that intended?

No, this issue occurs when you use your e-mail as a login, in order to log in on our server please use account name instead of e-mail address assigned to it.